13th Jumadah al-Thani / 17th January

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Prayer Times Online will show you Salah timings for your exact location by the use of the GPS in your device, accurate to within five metres of your location, anywhere on Earth. This is invaluable for a traveler as it is obligatory upon the traveler to be able to discern prayer times or have access to tools to allow him to calculate them until he is home again, where the obligation is communal.

UPDATE 16/04/21: Prayer calculations now take user altitude into consideration. This can affect rise and set times.

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The timings are fixed at 15 degrees for Tulu' al Fajr, and 17 degrees for ʿIshāʾ (12 during BST) based on more than twenty observations across four observation sites carried out by a team led by Dr Asim Yusuf, UK. For further details, please see Asim Yusuf, Shedding Light on the Dawn (Nur al-Habib Productions, 2017). (However, please note that an additional half a degree was added to the Shaykh's 14.5 degree recommendation for ihtiyat based on tawafuq of two or more observers that dawn had entered).
In the near future, options for scholarly use and tabular data for easy printing will be provided, inshaʾAllāh. References are available upon request. Please email admin for any questions or suggestions.
Jazakumullahu Khairan - Ibrahim Ali.

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Why Maghrib is not at Sunset

Learn about the difference between apparent sunset and actual sunset, due to atmospheric refraction, and how it can delay Maghrib time by as much as five minutes.

Equation Of Time

Did you know that the prayer times are not calculated according to the traditional mechanical clock? They are calculated using True Time - which is the time established from the movement of the Earth relative to the Sun. This time can often be behind or ahead by about a quarter of an hour!